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                                PACKITAL CHECK-WEIGHERS

A Checkweigher is a machine designed to weigh, classify and separate products passing through a production line. It is a value added quality control system that allows the manufacturer to have confidence that the weight of the items are accurate and consistent.  Checkweighers are an important tool to have especially since they reduce the risk of companies being penalised and fined particularly if the weight is incorrect.

         Top three reasons to invest in a Packital Checkweigher.

  • Increase your profits by cutting on waste reduction and increasing productivity.


  •  Protects, your brands reputation and image in the minds of your customers,by ensuring compliance with  governmental regulations and industry standards.


  • Avoid fines and penalties caused by irregularities. Industry standards call for stringent polices promoting 100%  weight accuracy.





Packital Check-Weigher




Check-weigher C Series

Suitable to check-weigh large bag sizes and carton cases or “multi-packs” as bundles, shrink-wrapped packs and crates

Check-weigher F Series

Tested in the harshest of environments with aggressive products such as canning, chemical and petro-chemical , jars, jerry cans or trays.

Check-weigher M Series

Main features include high degree of versatility and reliability.
Perfect for the pharmaceutical and general foods.
Recommended to check-weigh small bags, carton cases, trays, plastic cans, light weight jars and unpacked solid products.




Lock & packital Combi unit

Combi -Systems


Packital check-weighers can easily integrate with metal detectors offering a unique integrated combi-system also with ancillary conveyors and rejecting units.




  Conveyor Line Dividers And Conveyor Line Combiners used to split a single lane of product to multiple, or to combine multiple lanes to a single lane.



  Packital Line dividers  




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