Technical Support and Project Management


Automation Techniques offers complete technical support for all the machinery on offer. With years of experience acquired from working with leaders in the Food, Beverage and Pharmacuetical Industries, the company has garniered a vast library of knowledge to advise clients on the best customized options to suit their needs, yielding the greatest advantages and benefits for the client. All our engineers are trained on a regular basis, ensuring they are equipped to assist customers effectively and efficiently. We offer a 24/7 hr breakdown service to ensure clients manufacturing lines are running smoothley to meet with production schedules .






Project Management



Project Management Services



Buying new machinery can involve alot of planning.

Our team of experienced senior technical engineers oversee all machine installations and commissionings, ensuring that attention is paid to even the finest of details. Clients are kept informed at every stage of the project  right up to its completion.




Machine Break Down Service



Machine Break down Services



Book a Machine Break Down

We understand the stringent demands put on the FMCG Industry  for quality control and meeting of their production goals for their customers.  Automation Techniques offer clients a 24/7 hr  break down service. Clients have peace of mind, knowing that their business is in capable hands.




Maintenance Support



Maintenance aggrements



Prevention is better than a breakdown.

Machinery that is not regulary serviced can affect your business negatively. Automation Techniques offers maintenace aggreement services for the machinery it sells. This ensures the longevity and health of your equipment, ensuring you are always two steps ahead. Contact our Sales agents for more information




Calibration Services



Calibration services



Ensure Quality Control with Calibrated Equipment.

Industrial machinery often requires to be calibrated annually. This is to ensure that the equipment in your plant works accurately according to the correct standards of  your business. Automation Techniques offers calibration services for all its machinery. Contact our technical service division for more information and assistance.




Machine Spare Parts



Spare parts



Be Prepared for Wear & Tear.

As with all machinery, overtime parts will need to be replaced. Automation Techniques has a spare parts division for all its machinery. Contact our team now should you require assistance for spare parts for your machinery





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